Marcus Rubio

Marcus Rubio began his music career at the age of -1, when — while in utero — he discovered his umbilical chord could be plucked to an F-sharp. 13-ish years later, Rubio began writing songs on guitar, playing his neighborhood swimming pool and local clubs with his first band, the Applesauce Brothers, before going solo. Along the way, Rubio also picked up the saxophone, mandolin, and violin, continually writing songs and performing anywhere he was allowed.

In 2005, then-16-year-old Rubio released his debut LP My Head Blew Up (And Turned Into the Sky), the first of many produced by Bedlamb impresario Joe Reyes (Buttercup, Demitasse). The following year, Rubio and Reyes produced Rhapsody in Plaid. In 2007, Rubio briefly joined Austin avant-rock group Moth!Fight! (now known as SPELLS) and also released his third LP, The Life of Pillows.

Oceanic Tremors, Rubio’s newest full-length (his first for Bedlamb Records), is a conceptual work concerning Ishmael, a lovesick humpback whale navigating an ocean full of beauty, danger, and mercury.

“Oceanic Tremors was originally an attempt at a full-on musical … to merge my love of pop and more avant-garde sounds,” Rubio said. “Initially, I wanted it to sound like a mash-up of Wagner, Jay-Z, Steve Reich, and David Byrne. A lot of things changed as I made compromises with performing the songs live, but I think the record stayed rather true to the intended sound.”

Rubio is currently working on a new album with his backing band the Gospel Choir of Pillows, as well as finishing up an electro-acoustic/acousmatic piece based on Tao Lin’s Eeeee Eee Eeee. Rubio also plays bass for Bedlamb label mates Cartographers.