History of Bedlamb

Indie Pop-Rock is not the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of South Texas; amidst the local flora of Tex-Mex and Roots music, it’s an unlikely environment for Beatles/Stones-influenced pop music to flourish.

Yet, like a stubborn weed, Bedlamb Records is set to launch its own stable of recording artists that have much more in common, at least on the surface, with Elliott Smith and Joanna Newsom than Doug Sahm or Flaco Jimenez. However, all the Bedlamb artists share two important traits with Sahm and Flaco; they all play with a deep groove, and are adverse to auto-tuned anything. And they have a troubadour’s sense of doing things themselves, connecting directly with audiences.

Started as an imprint to promote its own records, Buttercup released their first album, “sickyellowflower”, in 2005. Guitarist Joe Reyes released his first solo CD on Bedlamb in 2007. Within two more years, the label would host two more bands that Reyes had recorded at his studio, Marcus Rubio and Cartographers, whose albums were released in 2008 and 2009, respectively. Cartographers keyboardist Chris Maddin is currently recording his debut solo CD, and Demitasse, the side project of Buttercup singer Erik Sanden and Reyes, is considering its debut release for later this year.

Each artist is linked in some way to each other, either as friend or bandmate. In this respect, Bedlamb is truly a close-knit group of like-minded artists whose overarching goal is to create music with a lasting quality, that owes its sound to diligent song craft and hard work, which can thrive anywhere.

For now there is a continuity in the sound of Bedlamb recordings: due to Joe Reyes’ production and his commitment to favoring good sounding instruments and quality performances over high tech gadgetry and futzing with complicated mixes. Largely Bedlamb records happen with a commitment to capturing a moment, much like an instamatic photograph, with very little retouching. And certainly no auto-tune, ever!

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