Jim Beal Jr.: Bedlamb Records to launch with party

by Jim Beal

In real-deal San Antonio style, Alamo Town artists aren’t sitting around waiting for the music industry to come to them. They’re creating an industry.

Launching Bedlamb

Metal music will be exorcised from White Rabbit on Saturday, for one night at least. The occasion? The launch of Bedlamb Records, Buttercup’s collective-style label, run by guitarist/producer Joe Reyes and singer/lyricist/multi-instrumentalist Erik Sanden.

“Joe came up with the idea when he was producing Marcus (Rubio) and the Cartographers,” Sanden said. “I figure we’ve got strength in numbers and in-house production.”

Bedlamb also has a roster of inventive, imaginative, genre-defying bands that fuse pop, rock, art and a show. The launch party will feature five Bedlamb acts: Joe Reyes, Chris Maddin of Blowing Trees, Marcus Rubio and the Gospel Choir of Pillows, Cartographers and Buttercup. A non-Bedlamb band, Discoh! Mirrors, featuring members of the Morris Orchids, will open. Doors open at 7 p.m. Cover for the all-ages show is $10.

“We don’t have money or tour support,” Sanden said. “Chris Maddin’s tire blew up the other day, so I came down in the Buttercup van and gave him our spare tire. So we do have kind of a AAA road-service thing.”

Good record labels have been built on much less.

Reyes and Sanden will tune up for the Bedlamb launch with an 11:30 a.m. acoustic gig Friday at Main Plaza.


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